How To Remove Credit Card From App Store (Very Easy)

What's up you guys that if a tronic so maybe I should use how to remove your credit card from the app store on your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. So this can actually all be done from your iPhone you guys it's are you know pretty simple all we need do is, go in your settings in the UN to scroll down to ITunes and app store, you one click and your apple ID, at this point in the new one a quick view apple ID so it's gonna ask you to put your password in com usually.

so I enter your password and then they'll pull you up to your apple ID we'll see the Payment information option so from in here you guys this is where you can change or remove a you know credit card on the you're currently using you know for absolute purchases. And then when you're done you as you just have to click non. And it'll you know say whatever information you put in there. I'm not entering anything in there but you just click done like I said in you'd be all set so that is how you do it I would definitely appreciated years like this video shared it is always a statement for guys and be sure to subscribe to our channel.

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