How to Remove Credit Card From iPhone or iTunes With Easy Steps

How to Remove Credit Card From iPhone or iTunes

Hello,, today i want to share you How to Remove Credit Card From iPhone or iTunes With Easy Steps, this is a transcribe from youtube, lets see it:

"you know what is a pretty bodies is the ipod up on one here today i'm going to
be showing you how to move your credit card information from the itunes store
the apple store right from your iDevice, now this is my iphone 4 starting on iOS
6.1 .   so hopefully this works for you guys if you come from the last video i
still haven't been able to find any solution to him.

so probably try updating all your apps before you do this
and well I don't know what else to say so let's just go ahead and get it right
into it,
so first off if you're on your device just simply go ahead and go inside the
app store and this office is this a 6.1 . - so you obviously have the new app
store if you aren't any older from where you obviously won't have this, but you
just want to go ahead and go into your feature tap on iOS 6 and just go all the
way down, and you will see your Apple ID stuff, so just go ahead and click on it
and just go ahead and view your Apple ID.

it might ask you for your password might not depends on how long ago you have
accessed it
so let's just go ahead and wait for this to load up and once has brought up we're
going to go ahead and view another setting that we will use to remove that
show credit card information.

once you are inside your account settings you just want to go ahead and
select on payments in and payment information you will see here that I
have visa checked and the none option down here in the bottom.

all you really need is you just go ahead and select the none option and press
done that this tutorial helped you guys and once you pretty much have that then
just go ahead it's like them and you don't have to worry about your credit
card information you have your brother sister
do not worry about them buying something with actually knowing, and i hope this
helped you help you guys i will try to answer all the questions you guys have
in the description down below:

This may not work most of the time but to ensure best resuts make sure you have all apps updated before doing this.

Go in the Appstore and select on the featured tab.
from there scroll all the way down and select on you email.
you should get a little pop up and there you select view apple id
select on payment option and there select on none.there you go.

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